Your Adventure Unlocked

Have you ever found yourself searching for another world at the back of the wardrobe? Ever clicked your fingers hoping the toys can indeed tidy themselves away? Or wished you really could fall down the rabbit hole? 

The Inhabitors enable you to become your own courageous adventurer as you journey into surprising, thrilling new worlds. 

We invent playful quests for people of all ages to experience and explore together, commissioning and collaborating with a broad range of creators to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and the everyday into the astonishing.

Our Values:

  • We seek out people who make us bolder, braver and more curious

  • Our work is never passive - our audiences have agency in their adventure and we champion their ability to participate and contribute to what they experience

  • We aim to combine seriousness and lightness in what we do because “in every job that must be done there is an element of fun”

  • We value the richness of diversity and equality and through all our endeavours, we shall be accessible and inclusive

  • We strive for sustainability and exist to serve the projects we create, not the other way around

  • We delight in serendipity and are excited to engage with the unexpected and the unusual. When in doubt, we turn left

In A Deep Dark Forest was our first adventure. It was created in Melbourne, Australia as part of ArtPlay's New Ideas Lab and was nominated for a Helpmann Award in 2017. We have recently commenced work on our second adventure, Project Squishy.

For further information on The Inhabitors, please contact Simon Bedford:
+61 (0) 456 794 901